The public platform of environmental information of Shanghai institutions has announced the second phase of Tesla's super factory project (Phase I) - production line optimization project. The public information shows that the Tesla Shanghai Super Factory production line optimization project has been completed and started commissioning on September 19.
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The public document shows that the production line optimization is mainly for the expansion of the stamping workshop, body shop, painting workshop, final assembly workshop and logistics operation center. At the same time, Tesla said that the project will increase the working hours, increase the number of employees and improve the frequency of material turnover to achieve capacity improvement, and the production line optimization is expected to add 4,000 employees after completion. The total investment in the Tesla Shanghai Superplant production line optimization project is RMB 1.2 billion, of which RMB 85 million, or 7.08%, will be invested in environmental protection. The Tesla Shanghai Superplant Line Optimization Project will commence on December 21, 2021, and will be completed today for commissioning, with an expected acceptance period of September 19, 2022 to November 30, 2022. The production line optimization project is Tesla's expansion of the existing factory, mainly by increasing the production tempo to expand production capacity. We know from Tesla China's website that Tesla has further shortened its estimated delivery time in China. Currently, both Model 3 and Model Y produced at Tesla's Shanghai plant can be expected to be delivered in 1-10 weeks (the original delivery cycle was around 6-14 weeks), which means some models can be delivered in as little as 1 week. As previously announced, Tesla's Shanghai plant was upgraded this summer and generated 77,000 deliveries in August, nearly tripling the number of deliveries in July and up 74% year-over-year, which is a side note to the significant increase in production at the Shanghai plant. In addition, the European plant in Berlin is also increasing production of the Model Y, which also allows the Shanghai plant to export fewer models and thus achieve an increase in supply to China. Topfit Wendy


Tesla will hold its 2022 Artificial Intelligence Day in California. Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot developed by the company, will be unveiled for the first time. In addition, the latest developments regarding Tesla's self-driving technology and Dojo supercomputer will also be announced to the public on the day. According to Musk's previous statement in a magazine, the initial position of the humanoid robot is to replace humans to complete boring and repetitive work and more dangerous work; but the company's long-term goal is to have the robot serve thousands of families, cooking, washing dishes, taking care of the elderly, and even emotional companionship, the robot can be handy.
What's more, in Musk's plan, as production scales up and raw material costs continue to fall, the robot could sell for less than a car. With its increasing practicality, perhaps in the next decade, this robot will become a holiday gift that most young people buy for their parents. tesla Bot (Optimus) is a heavyweight egg that Tesla released at its AI Day event last August 20. At that time, Tesla announced details of the robot's parameters, including a height of 172 centimeters, a weight of 56.6 kilograms, with a face screen display, a human-like limb design, and the ability to sense external forces and give feedback.
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