Model 3/Y/S/X Mattress Portable Air Bed Camping Back Seat SUV

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  • CUSTOMIZE:The car air mattress is special design for Model 3/Y/S/X. Also compatible most car;SUV,Hatchback ,Minivan,Truck etc.
  • MULTI-USE:You can use it as a rest bed during car trips, or as a sleeping mat for camping and outdoor sports tents.2 air mattress can fold the other side.
  • EASY USED:With car power charger cair pump,Fast Inflation and Deflation,waterproof, portable take.
  • FLOCKING PVC MATTRESS:Thickened flocking, high-grade PVC material air mattress. Soft touch, safe to the environment, tasteless, thick and stable to pressure and impact. It’s easy to clean because of the waterproof design.
  • QUALITY AND WARRANTY-The car air mattress Fast inflation and not air leakage.In case of natural damage to the product,Backed by a 1-Year Warranty
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Model 3/Y/S/X Mattress Portable, thickened flocking, high-grade PVC material air mattress,soft touch, it’s easy to clean because of the waterproof design.

Model 3/Y/S/X Mattress Portable With car power charger cair pump,Fast Inflation and Deflation,waterproof, portable take.

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1.How long does it take to transport the goods after purchase? Are all orders free shipping?

Due to the storage in the United States, it is delivered by local UPS/USPS, and the time limit is about 3-10 days.

In other countries, the time limit is about 7-40 days.

If you need a faster channel, please contact customer service, we will arrange a faster channel, and at the same time, we will also charge according to the price provided by the logistics provider

Topfit provides free shipping service for all orders from the United States. For most other countries/regions, we refer to international logistics freight charges.  


2.Do you provide delivery service in each country/region?

We provide delivery services to countries around the world, but we do not provide delivery services to places where international logistics cannot be delivered, such as some small islands outside the United States. If you place an order, but the area cannot be delivered, our staff will get in touch with you and refund the payment to you.

3.Do I need to pay taxes?

No need. Topfit provides tax-free services to customers.

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If there is a problem with the quality of the product, please contact customer service and provide photos or videos, we can send you a new product or refund you.


Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions40 × 29 × 15 cm

15 reviews for Model 3/Y/S/X Mattress Portable Air Bed Camping Back Seat SUV

  1. Dennes

    I’ve only used this a handful of times and so far it works great. I had an issue and the company stood behind their product and made it right. It fits perfectly in the Model Y. There are 4 different places you can inflate. The headrest portion, the main body of it, and two foot inflatable compartments. You will figure out fairly quickly that there are different adapter heads to fully inflate the mattress. When deflating, you can also use the pump to pull air out. You just put it on the top of the pump instead. I’ve also used it in my room when I needed an extra bed and have lounged on it as well. Overall, I’m very happy with the purchase.

  2. Tommy

    Great packaging of the item looks for the price. The mattress itself is nice quality. I have a 2021 Tesla Model Y Performance and spent about 5 minutes to fully inflate it. The air pump is small and powerful also has a deflation option which is not needed but good to have that option. In summary I am overall Happy with the purchase and can’t wait to go camping with the Family!!!

  3. Aashish

    This is honestly one of the best Tesla Model Y mattress out there! It has a perfect fit. It is also really comfortable while lying down. I would say it’s comparable to the TesMat. Definitely worth a buy!

  4. Beanierunner1

    Love my new Tesla air mattress. Quite comfy and easy to inflate. Highly recommend working with Topfit!

  5. Joyce2298

    Perfect fit for my MY. Great for camping, road trips, and the drive-in movies. It’s easy to inflate and I would recommend to anyone looking for an air mattress for their MY.

  6. Ann

    The bed deflates easily as well, and folds neatly into its original shape so that it fits easily into the fabric bag for storage. It’s a great product.

  7. Azbard

    I purchased this product with hope and it has absolutely done the job.

  8. Silvio Dantas

    I put this mattress on our Model 3 last night and laid there for about 20 min and it was really good. Highly recommend! We plan on using it for camping soon.

  9. LStuart

    Great fit and comfortable

  10. Sasha Shams

    perfect in the model y, was easy to inflate and deflate

  11. L Peterson

    This is as described. Fits perfect, and comfortable.

  12. IanMcL

    I was challenged to use camp mode in my Tesla and an opportunity arose to make a trip to the inner and outer Hebrides.

    One week spent sleeping in the wild and camp mode kept me warm. I had fun!

  13. Gerallt Hayes

    Fits perfectly, takes minutes to set up, and comfy

  14. Rainiac

    I love this item.I stargaze at night through the roof and I want to fall asleep comfortably if I nod off. I’m old like over 60 and I need something extra easy to cushion my bones. This fit my needs perfectly. I blew it up with my hairdryer then put it in my car. I have no idea how the pump works, but it looked complicated to me. I just wanted air in the mattress. I didn’t push the air to maximum capacity, because I like a little gushiness, also I have my art supplies for sketching alongside on the left behind the rail that comes with that car model, which the matt molded to and didn’t make the back messy. I think it’s fairly durable my little “yappy dogs” nails haven’t punctured the mattress, which to me is the test of any air-filled item. Can it withstand the assault of the Chihuahua talons? Yes, yes it did. Didn’t lose any air. I’m having a great experience with this product.

  15. Laurie_dives

    We used this for a 5 day camping trip to Tahoe and it works great! It was comfortable, fit our SUV perfectly and so easy to inflate & deflate. I am 55 and didn’t think it would be very comfortable but I was really surprised! I highly recommend!

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