Workstation Desk for Model Y/3

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  • You can use it while you are waiting for charging or while you are waiting for someone.But for your safety, we do not recommend you to use it during driving.
  • Customization: Inspired by the design of the central control tray of model 3 model Y, it was later found that this tray is suitable for many models. Many car owners have this trouble, eating and working in the car are uncomfortable. This laptop desk can solve these troubles.
  • Special design: Before we made this pallet, we tested many other pallets on the market. They are very small and will wear out your steering wheel. This tray is used together with the center console and the door frame, which is more stable and has more space. It’s worth buying.
  • Multifunctional: The portable tray can be used for eating, working and traveling. Must fit your car perfectly, multi-purpose for driver and co-pilot, more fun time with your driver.
  • High quality: Unlike other pallets sold in plastic materials, Topfit pallets are high-density boards. Real carbon fiber surface design. The smooth edge treatment makes the entire tabletop more refined and more practical.
    Easy to use and carry: using this watch in your Tesla Model Y and Model 3 will be the perfect travel accessory. The hinge design makes it easier to open and close, and the embedded nut is stronger and can work more safely, even during driving. The medium can also remain stable.

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1.How long does it take to transport the goods after purchase? Are all orders free shipping?

Due to the storage in the United States, it is delivered by local UPS/USPS, and the time limit is about 3-10 days.

In other countries, the time limit is about 7-40 days.

If you need a faster channel, please contact customer service, we will also charge according to the price provided by the logistics provider.

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We provide delivery services to countries around the world, but we do not provide delivery services to places where international logistics cannot be delivered, such as some small islands outside the United States. If you place an order, but the area cannot be delivered, our staff will get in touch with you and refund the payment to you.

3.Do I need to pay taxes?

No need. Topfit provides tax-free services to customers.

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If there is a problem with the quality of the product, please contact customer service and provide photos or videos, we can send you a new product or refund you.


Weight2 kg
Dimensions45 × 46.5 × 5.5 cm

22 reviews for Workstation Desk for Model Y/3

  1. lee

    It’s more convenient to touch up makeup in the car.

  2. Poul

    This thing is convenient for me to work anytime, anywhere…

  3. Be.

    I bought a cheap product that looked exactly the same, but after I received it, it gave off a pungent smell and broke shortly afterwards. I tried this one. Although the price is a little higher, the quality of the product is very good. Great, just treat it as a lesson I bought before. .The first picture was bought at Topfit, the second picture was bought by me for 35 dollars

  4. Hodi

    This is the perfect tray for eating in the car during COVID restrictions. Indoor dining is out for us and the weather is too cold for outside dining, eating in the car is our only option when we need to get out of the house. This tray makes it much easier to eat in the car. Great purchase.

  5. Jimbo

    What can I say. It works like it is supposed to. All this is used for is on my lunch break at work in my car. Nothing else. It provides a nice stable area to set your drink or anything on. Easy to clean off and store behind your seat.

  6. Kindle

    Easy to use, very stable. My son loves it. He eats in the car for lunch and this has been a lifesaver!!

  7. Honaker

    My husband and I dine in our car a fair deal when we are traveling. This clever device solves a lot of problems for our in-car “picnics.” Of course, one cannot use this while actually driving.

  8. Christina Ainsworth

    Sheer heavenly magic in my car. I travel for work and I eat lunch and take my breaks in my car – and I found this and I am just ecstatic!!!!Love it.

  9. Gwinn

    Love it! I was so tired of trying to eat in my car without spilling or dropping something. Fit was simple, delivered right on time.

  10. Rob

    I travel a lot for my job & sometimes you don’t have time to stop to eat, or the place you want to eat is drive thru only do to the pandemic.This product works perfectly for me .

  11. Nicole C

    Absolutely the best item from Amazon! I have to eat in my car and this is so convenient and very sturdy! If you have to eat in your car you definitely need this.

  12. Wilson

    Husband is in care a lot. He services the medical field. He loves the table! He uses it when he eats lunch in the car and said it is so much more comfortable than balancing food in his lap.

  13. Alvin Mendoza

    Finally found a sturdy and compact table for my model y. I usually eat inside my car since i travel a lot and due to pandemic. Its very sturdy and fits under the driver’s seat. This is a must for Model Y travellers looking for a good table.

  14. Ming Lu

    I liked the product quality and use ability.

  15. Boricua

    This table worked exactly as I’d hoped!

  16. Aryan B

    Perfect for eating/working in the car!

  17. Dean

    I can now eat in my car now without making a mess. Works great!

  18. SCG

    I would highly recommend this item.

  19. H. Hodge

    This product is easy to install, sturdy, and stable. It has revolutionized at the time I spend in the car, allowing me to eat meals without worry of mess or spill. We have one in every car, I got one for my mother-in-law, and for my father.

  20. Marcy Vidaurri

    Going on a road trip soon and it will go with me.

  21. Crazy man

    Would give 5 stars! I use it countless times weekly for a quick lunch snack! Would make a great Christmas present!

  22. Morlock

    I use this multiple times a week while I’m out on my lunch break. I grab something to eat quickly in my car while I run errands. It has never collapsed/fallen. Holds up perfect with a to-go box and drink. Never thought of it as a necessity until I had one.

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