Model Y Sunshade Glass Roof (Won’t Sag) Panoramic Windows Sun Shade

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  • [Custom design] The sun shade designed according to the original car size, has been tested on model y many times, and it is 100% suitable.
  • [Features]The Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade further reduces heat transmission into the cabin by blocking two-thirds of solar thermal load. In the hot summer, it can effectively reduce the temperature in the car and reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning.
  • [Material] Made of thin mesh, it will block the sunlight and not make the light in the car too dark, making the driver feel depressed. The frame is made of collapsible rigid frame, which is easy to store and adapt to the model.
  • [Easy to install] You only need to fix it with a clip. The package contains a small clip for fixing. In order to prevent loss or damage during installation,we specially put more than the original number of clips.When removed, the shade collapses and can be stored in the included zippered pouch.

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Why do you need a Model Y roof sunshade?

Tesla model Y uses panoramic windows.

Compared with other cars, its indoor temperature will be higher in summer.

This model roof sunshade can provide sun protection and reduce the temperature in the car.

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Weight3.2 kg
Dimensions56 × 70 × 4 cm

50 reviews for Model Y Sunshade Glass Roof (Won’t Sag) Panoramic Windows Sun Shade

  1. Corey Der

    Overall, I like this product. It’s quick to install and can be done by one person. It also breaks down into a handy storage bag that fits really well in the small front lower trunk with other items. Just pull it out when you need it.

  2. Jason

    Rarely do I write reviews but this product is well worth the money. It was easy to install and fits perfectly. I’m currently sitting under the sun at 86 degrees and there’s a noticeable difference of the interior being cooler than without one.

  3. Ricky Frias

    I was expecting a bad fit with gaps, but it was actually a really nice fit. I didn’t have gaps on the side. The only thing that is the slight sagging in the middle but that’s because the roof line is curved and the sun shade is straight. Now I can’t wait to see the difference in the temperature in the heat.

  4. wong

    Super easy install. There was no noticeable sagging. I tested it on a long drive on an 85 degree day. The cabin was definitely cooler.

  5. Olan

    I live near Palm Springs, California and this will help in the summertime when temps exceed 110 degrees! Easy to stowaway and deploy when needed.

  6. Kalika Antao

    Rarely do I write reviews but this product is well worth the money. It was easy to install and fits perfectly. I’m currently sitting under the sun at 86 degrees and there’s a noticeable difference of the interior being cooler than without one.

  7. Frank

    Better fabric used in the Model Y shade from Topfit. I had a Topfit roof shade for my Model 3 in 2019, the Model Y one is more superior in terms of look and feel. The installation was easy, just load the shade from the trunk (wide side to windshield.

  8. Jonny

    It seems to have changed from a one-piece to a two-piece, and it looks pretty good

  9. Jim

    It’s easier to install and doesn’t collapse in the middle

  10. DGS Florida

    Living down here in South Florida, this sunshade is just what you need to help block that hot sun beating down on your Tesla in the summer son. Noticably cooler inside my Tesla. Installs easily with included clips and fits perfectly. Nice plus is the bag included to store it when the cooler days come around. Very good value including protection for your interior.

  11. George Morelos

    The sunshade fits perfect and is easy to install. Install took about 5 mins. I took a test drive with it and noticed immediately that it was blocking the heat from the roof. It’s 82 degrees and driving without the sunshade I could feel the a little heat on the top of my head, but with the sunshade that heat was gone. I think this will help with my range since I can now keep the A/C at a higher temp. Also, you can still see out of the roof.

  12. Dan

    Looks very nice

  13. Vamsi

    Perfect size for Model 3 .It’s very easy to install . Hard Fiber and Great Quality. It’s definitely adds some style and looks to the vehicle

  14. Oyeankur

    I like it is easy to install and looks great on my new tesla car. Hope adhesion works fine too and will not come off in few weeks. Will update the review if it happens. Overall happy with the purchase.

  15. Swapnil

    I’m extremely satisfied with the spoiler . Super easy to install. Makes the car look like the performance version. The carbon fiber finish looks better than the original Tesla spoiler. Loving it.

  16. Fadi

    Love the quality and the looks of it. Thank you

  17. Stephanie

    Looks good and fits great, came on time.
    Just what I was looking for!

  18. SS

    Fits perfect

  19. Rachel

    I liked these far more than I thought I would!

  20. Carolyn

    Both my wife and I love it

  21. Frank H.

    Very easy to install. It comes with 8 clips that easily fit into the panels of your car. The results are very good with blocking out the heat. I live in Southern California and it’s perfect to use during the summer season.

  22. Expert Analyst

    I live in sunny California, which means it is hot! This addition is great because it provides the flexibility to remove when I take my kids to star gazing. It is very easy to take off and put back on with the included clips. A great purchase and would definitely recommend anyone that lives where the sun shines a lot.

  23. Vivi

    Perfect fit on my MYP 2022! So happy since where I live the sun is a big deal.

  24. Gene Wong

    Super easy install. There was no noticeable sagging. I tested it on a long drive on an 85 degree day. The cabin was definitely cooler.

  25. Jon and Lisa Davis

    I live near Palm Springs, California and this will help in the summertime when temps exceed 110 degrees! Easy to stowaway and deploy when needed.

  26. Nina Rose

    I love this shade ! It’s so easy to install. 2 things that made me buy this shade : I leave in Los Angeles SFV where the sun is always shining and hot all summer long and for Glamping purposes . It fits good and it blocks out the lights . I highly recommend !

  27. John Carr

    The fit is perfect. They are full blackout shades. Exactly what I was looking for!

  28. Ha Ngo

    Unlike the other type of shade I had, this one is not flimsy, and does not sag in the middle when you put it in place. the shade’s keeping my car much cooler under the sun, it works better than I expected. I would buy this again for my other tesla.

  29. BobbyD

    Works great! Easy install.

  30. Nosey Dogs K9

    Talk about an awesome product!! We’ve been looking for a roof shade since we live in Las Vegas for literal months. This thing fits like a glove, looks very nice, and keeps the car cool. It’s folds up extremely easy, comes with a carrying case, and even fits the look for the Tesla. We will definitely be recommending this to our Tesla Las Vegas Group.

  31. Jophiel

    Super easy to use and fold nicely. There are these clips that clips from the shade and slide into the sides under the glass. Helps reduce about 40% of the heat, no kidding. I have all side tinted windows but lacked the top panoramic roof. So having this is further reduce heat and UV.

  32. Arun

    Since the summer is here at the corner I was thinking of tinting my sunroof but that costed too much, simple solution is to get this sunshade and use it during summer and remove it on winter. Definitely reduces the heat coming in.

  33. Sue O’Brien

    Really happy with this purchase. It definitely cooled the car down by at least 10 degrees. It is easy to install and the plastic clips are sturdy and well made. It comes with a storage bag and a nice plastic container to hold the clips. No problem in getting it folded back up to put back in the storage bag. I was surprised and super happy that when not in use the storage bags fits perfectly in the second small sub-trunk

  34. Daniel Yi

    It is a complete product. It also fits perfectly on the roof and completely blocks sunlight. The room temperature is about 20°F different than before installing this product. Wow, it is perfect.

  35. Sean

    I barely got my Tesla. The thing is Utah is starting to get hot. It does a good job of blocking the sun but I mostly care about trying to cut the heat down so that when you get in its not so much heat that is still radiating. I realize that most will simply say “Why not just tell your car to prepare and get the temp down before you get in”. While that makes sense it doesn’t work as well for the radiant heat. This cuts that time in half and that means battery savings. I think this does just what it says it does.

  36. slawomir szpara

    Easy to install. Fits fine. It does what it’s supposed to.

  37. ADA

    Little worried with some of the reviews but i took a chance anyways. Installation went super easy. Did this by myself. Front first then the back The middle clips hold both the front and back panels. And its up.
    After it was up i got to test at work. After a full day in the sun, the car was much cooler, and allot easier to cool down. The best part is my unprotected head was not getting fried anymore. No sag after install. Hope it lasts. For now Great Mod for the 2022 Model Y. It also comes with a bag and a small box for the clips for when you want to take it down. Good Job Topfit.

  38. eho

    This roof shade is awesome!! Fits perfectly and am so glad that it matches the interior color of the car! Would definitely recommend this roof shade.

  39. wmg

    Great fit. Easy to install. Color matches headliner.

  40. Mike T

    Worth the $! Saves you from being baked under the HOT scorching sun during the dog days of summer!! My drive out to Vegas was better with it than without. It was easy to install and does stay in place once it gets set. Only thing is that it does sorta sag in the middle but definitely not a deterrent factor for the buy. Need to get this if you want little less heat coming through! My passengers and dog surely appreciated!

  41. Jay Yam

    Works well to block the heat from directly hitting the cabin from the sun roof. I noticed it is considerably cooler in direct sunlight.

  42. Kasey Porter

    The real deal! The sunshade fit PERFECTLY in my Tesla Model Y. The clips are easy to manipulate onto the sunshade so my family and I can stay cool in the heat and block the glare while riding in the backseat.

  43. Tatiana Heck

    This was a great purchase right before a long road trip. Super helpful when charging in sunny weather or driving long trips with the sun beating down on your car. Happy this is a thing for us!!

  44. Craig

    Easy installation. Clips fall off easily when removing it. Make sure you have a zip lock bag. Serves its purpose in the summer and also night driving.

  45. PSP Pilot

    I’ve left this on all summer out in the desert. It helps the ac tremendously.

  46. Mike M.

    Living in south Florida, the glass roof was not going to work for me. This shade was the easiest solution.
    I only installed the black screen, which was all that I needed. It took about 1 minute to install following the video instructions.
    I don’t understand why people are having problems with this. It is the best solution until something better comes along.

  47. pd

    The sunshade fits well and blocks the light to what I feel is the correct degree. It seems to cut out about 60 to 70% of the sunlight coming in from the roof. That seems to me to be about perfect. In my opinion the product is perfect for its intended use.

  48. Tammy

    I have fallen squarely in the camp of buying too many accessories for my Model Y…but this one may just be a top 3 pick. Provides shade and doesn’t droop (early review, not yet at least!). The version I have is the upgraded, two piece design. The new design helps with the droop problem the first version had apparently as it easily met in the middle of the top glass and followed the curvature of the roof. Relatively easy to install but there was one area on the passenger side where the clip wouldn’t easily fit it, but I was eventually able to move it forward. Immediately felt cooler in the cabin on a 85 degree spring day in Texas, can’t imagine how much more helpful it will be in a few months.

  49. Derrick K.

    This product does shield us from the light and keep the Tesla cooler. The installation is a slightly tricky but it is nothing one will have trouble. You just have to get the hang of it. It does have a sleek fit.

  50. Janice Hom

    This shade keeps the car air cooler than without. It is a bit tricky to install but not hard. It is easier with two people as it is hard to hold and install the side clips . Love the look and easily can be removed if you want the view. The center does sag a little on the older version but since there is a newer version I’m sure that is fixed. Not really a big deal though. Definitely better and cheaper than tinting the roof.

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