Charging Cable Organizer Car Wall Connector 2.0 Model S Model X Model 3 Model Y

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  • Made from high quality plastic, it is stable and durable.
  • Prevent internal metal plug from Rain, dust, snow and so on.
  • Max.Workpiece Weight is 22pound about.
  • Fitment for Model S Model X Model 3 Model Y .
  • With Screws to install,any other question,contact the seller freely.

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One Model S Model X Model 3 Model Y crazy fans in Canada:Thomas said that every one must consider to add this accessories for his Tesla cars from “Topfit”

  • The cable for the UMC ended up being a tangled mess pretty quickly.
  • This organizer actually does a great job of keeping the cable off the ground, and making it easily accessible when we need to charge. The plug end of the cable is held securely.

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1.How long does it take to transport the goods after purchase? Are all orders free shipping?

Due to the storage in the United States, it is delivered by local UPS/USPS, and the time limit is about 3-10 days.

In other countries, the time limit is about 7-40 days.

If you need a faster channel, please contact customer service, we will also charge according to the price provided by the logistics provider.

Topfit provides free shipping service for all orders from the United States. For most other countries/regions, we refer to international logistics freight charges.  


2.Do you provide delivery service in each country/region?

We provide delivery services to countries around the world, but we do not provide delivery services to places where international logistics cannot be delivered, such as some small islands outside the United States. If you place an order, but the area cannot be delivered, our staff will get in touch with you and refund the payment to you.

3.Do I need to pay taxes?

No need. Topfit provides tax-free services to customers.

4.If I purchased the product. Can the product be returned if there is a problem during use?

If there is a problem with the quality of the product, please contact customer service and provide photos or videos, we can send you a new product or refund you.


Weight0.56 kg
Dimensions20 × 14 × 10 cm

4 reviews for Charging Cable Organizer Car Wall Connector 2.0 Model S Model X Model 3 Model Y

  1. Drew

    When this product came, it was very light, but when installed it’s very sturdy. There are two screws to install the mounting bracket. Then the cable organizer fits on top. The charger bracket fits my Tesla charger perfectly. It’s pretty secure too, such that brushing against it won’t dislodge the charger, while being easy enough to lift and pull out when I want to use it. Some reviews say it sticks out about a foot, but I think it’s more like 8 inches, so it doesn’t really get in the way.

  2. Vin

    I have a Model 3, and this is a good cable hanger for Model 3 charger. Without this you have to put your cable on the ground and it will easily get damaged pretty quick. It is quite easy to mount it on the wall. The quality is okay and it should last long because it is only for hanging the cable.

  3. JM+

    this is my second cable organizer and this one is smaller, nicer looking than the other best-selling one that I also have. I felt installation was easier on this model. Highly recommended.

  4. De Lima Castanheira

    I love this item, it was not expensive, super easy to install and they provide everything, and the best part is that now our charging cables has no more knots and we will not be accidentally rolling over it. I also like that there is a spot to click the end of the charger in so that kids would not be tempted to touch it. Love, love love.

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