Model Y Pet Liner Car Trunk Protector Trunk Mats(Waterproof)

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  • CUSTOMIZED:The all-weather trunk mat is fit model Y 2020 2021 2022,Protector your rear trunk waterproof and anti.
  • COVERAGE:The whole mats is carefully hand-designed,entire trunk area of vehicles and seat back.So will cover the largest possible carpeted area. Main trunk area, back of the rear seat and both side area is completely covered. Cargo liner is keep in place with velcro strip. Enough velcro into package.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE:Topfit design it is for all-weather rear trunk mat,protector pets’s scratch,waterproof,easy remove,and could use it on picnic.
  • KEY BENEFITS: It’s very easy to clean up spills or wipe out dog hair. Help preserve the value of your loved ride. Enhance the look of your vehicle’s interior. Good for families with kids and pets.
  • HIGHT QUALITY:The dog car seat cover material has a 4-layer construction,top layer is waterproof oxford,bottom layer made non-slip soft back plate.Easy to clean,could use water clean.

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Model Y Pet Liner designed exclusively for Model Y, to safeguard against paws, dirt, pet hair and any accidental slobber.

Defend your vehicle’s upholstery and leather surfaces from pet hair, accidents, nail scratches, spills, and more with ‘Arf Pets’ dog Cargo liner. Model Y Pet Liner Car Trunk Protector provides wide coverage for your Car cargo whether you’re traveling with a slobbery pooch or simply want extra protection against life’s messes.

Multiple layers of polyurethane material create an effective barrier against liquid, while the super-soft padded construction provides a calm, comfortable ride. The cover’s anti-slip bottom keep it in place as even the largest, most rambunctious pups come along. Enjoy extra defense against crumbs, claws, potty accidents, and even injury with generous side flaps and two sturdy headrest clips. Our model includes specially an extra , so it’s great for the entire family.

No leaks, no stains, no dirt, no hair-just backseat doggy bliss!Secure headrest straps Let kids or pets enjoy comfy ride Vacuum, wipe, or wash liner. Keep car safe and clean!

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Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions60 × 57 × 4.5 cm

67 reviews for Model Y Pet Liner Car Trunk Protector Trunk Mats(Waterproof)

  1. Angela

    Excellent coverage for telsa model Y, the Velcro works perfectly, Vaseline added to the suction cups also worked perfectly, this is a great coverage in addition to a barricade I assembled for my standard poodles in my Chevrolet Tahoe.

  2. Kathy

    It seems to be durable, is plenty large enough .Pefect fit my model Y.

  3. Anny

    Just received my Rear Cargo Mat I am very impressed for the quality at the price point. It fits perfectly and the raised edges near the rear of the cargo by the seats is a nice touch to ensure spills are relatively contained on the mat. The finish allows some grip to help it items from bouncing or sliding around too often. Item isn’t thin, or necessarily thick, just right and looks to last a few seasons without issues. Great value, solid fit, I’m glad I went with this solution vs OEM Tesla.

  4. Jessica

    I always start with packaging. The box comes with another box inside. (Just adds a little bit more protection in shipping and that can come in handy from time to time) OK, next most important is fit. They fit like laser matched brands. I think that there are two features that I like the most for these. First the thickness. They are the perfect thickness that says “I’m an nice product, and not a cheapo’ The thickness makes it feel like a higher end product. Then The pattern in the sewn in diamonds gives a little higher feel. I am very happy with what I have. I would buy this and other products from the seller based on this product. I posted a pic so you could see the thickness.

  5. Lucy

    I am very satisfied. This is not only suitable for me taking my Corgi out, but it can also protect me when I need to put heavy objects.

  6. JC.

    I have to say that this is a good product, very convenient and practical.

  7. Eric

    My dog seems to like it very much, a very good product.

  8. John Rohland

    This is a great item to have if you have pets or wanted that extra protection on the back of the rear seats in your Model Y. Velcro is super strong holds the cargo mat in place! Waterproof, easy to clean and looks more elegant than the plastic rubber cargo mats. Highly recommend!

  9. sam k

    Material is great and makes your car look even more Luxurious.

  10. Moni

    So happy with this seat cover for dogs. It fits great in the back of the SUV and the dog loves to sit on it. It protects the full area from scratches or tears. It is nice looking and seems to be very sturdy. Highly recommend it for dog owners who want to protect their car.

  11. Andrew

    This is probably the best cargo liner I’ve ever had for my model y. It fits perfect and dogs seems comfortable with it! Easy to clean with dog furs and covers everything. Must have!

  12. Young

    I looked for a long time for cargo liners that lined the back of the second row seats. These cargo liners work very well – all areas are covered and keep area very clean. Velcro works great – padding does not move. We have 2 large German Shepards that shed – so these liners were what we were looking for… I wish they made a small liner for the trunk door that lifts up – that is the only area that collects dog hair now. They are also reasonably priced, at least compared to others I looked at.

  13. Sonia

    This trunk mat is made well and fits perfectly in the 2021 Model Y. It will even stay put with the seats folded down. We have a car seat in one of the seats and it doesn’t affect functionality. Perfect if you have dogs and want to protect the trunk area when they are in the car.


    Fits my brand new model Y. I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality. I haul plants, sporting equipment, household items, and it keeps the car clean and protected.

  15. baochung

    This is a great item to have if you have pets or wanted that extra protection on the back of the rear seats in your Model Y. Velcro is super strong holds the cargo mat in place! Waterproof, easy to clean and looks more elegant than the plastic rubber cargo mats. Highly recommend!

  16. Consultant

    Fits like a glove and great product for the price.No odor, looks good, seems to be performing well.I definitely recommend this liner.

  17. RIKIN

    Perfect fit a d great quality product. The velcro placements will ensure the cover stays in the place.Installed in 2021 Tesla Model Y

  18. Andrew

    .This is probably the best cargo liner I’ve ever had for my model y. It fits perfect and dogs seems comfortable with it! Easy to clean with dog furs and covers everything. Must have!

  19. Tuggle

    It fits very well. Great protection for the rear trunk area.

  20. Michelle

    Very nice custom fit – looks beautiful.

  21. Taylor Harry

    This is just what I needed to keep my Model Y trunk clean with my messy kids and furry dog! Works great! Great fit!

  22. Steven

    It’s pretty easy to install lines up pretty much perfectly with the 2021 Tesla Model Y. We bought this to serve two purposes. To protect the carpet in the back and so our dogs can ride with us. After our first trip with one of our German Shepherds I was hesitant to vacuum because hair typically gets stuck between the material making it super hard to clean. I was pleasantly surprised when it only took me a couple of minutes to clean all the hair up.

  23. Tally

    Today was the third time I used the product,my dog loves it! The quality is great. Easy to install in the car. I really like it a lot.

  24. Eva

    Easy to install and water resistant! Our pittie loves it.

  25. joyful

    Nice material

  26. Ken Zuckerman

    Nice quilted product the securely fastens to the trunk area and seat backs with strong Velcro. Also covers the sides which is nice. Appears to be durable material.

  27. Michael O’Toole

    Took five mins to install and though it has only been a week, so easy to clean. Dog still getting acclimated to it but it seems very durable and looks fairly smart.


    Very good product

  29. Terry Dang

    Material is great and makes your car look even more Luxurious.I spilled some liquid on it on purpose to see how it would clean and hold and it was great.High recommended.

  30. Soleil

    High quality material to help prevent damage to your cars interior from your pets. Came folded so the mat is a bit wrinkled but once it has time to sit flat once it’s installed in the car, it should look perfect! Would definitely recommend!

  31. Ivan Gromov

    Help us to keep the car nice and clean. The dog’s fur doesn’t stick to this mat which creates less mess and is easy to clean

  32. simran

    Nice texture and good deal

  33. goindimon

    Just installed this rear and frunk mats for my 2020 Model Y. Good fit and hopefully durable for the money. I have order from this company before and have been satisfied.

  34. MomOfMomo

    It fits my Model Y perfectly. When installing it, fold the seats down, then line up the edges. Make sure the edges cover the fuzzy carpet underneath.

  35. Gromov

    Bought this item without having much of an expectation. Was impressed by how well it fit, even when lowering the rear seats. It’s very durable and wiping it off is super easy.

  36. Alison M Deane

    This liner is very easy to install. Love that it wraps around the sides to protect as much of the area as possible.

  37. krish

    very good trunk mat for Tesla Model Y. It covered the sides also that prevents scratches while placing or pulling the items from trunk.

  38. Lancy

    These floor mats and very durable and fit perfectly. They look so great and add to the interior of my car. I highly recommend them and the seller was amazing with their quick delivery.

  39. aw

    Easy to install. No damage from velcro to carpet. I read other “buyer beware” reviews that said the velcro damaged the carpet. I have not seen any damage, but we do leave our mat in all the time. It really looks great and cleans easily. Even without dogs I would still get this mat.

  40. Sydney

    Very good product. Recommended family with dogs . Im happy with purchase.

  41. Kären

    I have 3 large dogs. This is a lifesaver for me. Makes the back seats harder for me to raise but I usually leave them down. Very easy to clean. I also left the other mats down so the Velcro only is on the sides and top of back seats.

  42. Kristi Petersen

    My sister had this mat installed in her new Y- it looked so good, I wanted one for my new Y- we both have dogs- shedding dogs-I have the added “mess factor” of being a potter- the mat looks great, fits well and reasonably easy to install- but easy to clean is the ritz-

  43. Han

    When unfolding the cargo liner from the shipping carton, I was skeptical however leaving it warm up in the sun, it fit nicely in the rear of the Model Y. There is no obstruction to the rear hatch and the “sides” of the liner do hug and rise up on the upholstered interior. These should contain any and all the debris that may be riding loose in the interior. The material is light enough to be easily handled and heavy enough for repeated washings!

  44. Michael Greene

    Well designed and a great deal compared to other options available. You will not be disappointed.

  45. Edward Leon

    It fits my 2022 Model Y AWD, LR. Installation was 10 minutes.

    My 75 lb German Shepherd has a mattress on the cover and is very comfortable.

    The cover looks like it should last.

  46. M. Ohanlon

    This is a well made product – good padding; Velcro is strong. Our dog travels in the trunk and this helps a lot with protecting the trunk from his fur transfer.

  47. Transporter

    Love the cargo liner. Have it installed and dogs love to jump in whenever the hatch opens! Haven’t had any issue with it and it does its job!

  48. Bethany B.

    Fits like a glove! Very secure with good sticky Velcro, makes it a bit frustrating to install but works GREAT. Nothing janky about it

  49. Orlando

    No issues!! This mat is the best out there. Very classy looking. I popped my trunk the other day in the mall and it was a conversation starter. It’s attached perfectly and I still had about 2 feet extra of Velcro. Buy it, you will NOT regret it.

  50. Marc Berkowitz

    Cargo mat fits perfectly I was looking for a liner to protect not only the carpet but also the sides of the rear cargo area. This liner fits the bill perfectly. It’s easy to install and stays in place. It also cleans up very easily and doesn’t stain.
    Very highly recommended.

  51. E. Tuggle

    It fits very well. Great protection for the rear trunk area.

  52. Lily

    Dog hair is so easily to clean up.

  53. Sandeep P

    Loving this. I got small puppy but though it has more place for him to play around. Very good for car

  54. Kent

    This seems to be the cleanest and most impressive liner out there for the Tesla. I love the quilted pattern and ease of cleaning.

  55. david Ly

    Cargo liner is very nice in my opinion. As cargo liners go, it’s has great coverage. Clean looking and appears to be durable.
    Product arrived quick and nicely packaged. I watched the video for installation. You’ll need to fold seat forward. I recommend this mats if you are looking for coverage for your

  56. YFWong

    Shipped fast and the material seems durable. It fits the space prefectly!

  57. James E. McNeil

    I liked the matts. They were solid and well made and they fit precisely. I cannot rate durability of ability to clean since I just got them.

  58. Doug E Fresh

    I used this for the first time today since purchasing to take my dog to the vet. It covers the seats very well and my dog seemed to love it with no issues! I like the fact that it is waterproof as it just rained the night before so the ground was wet prior to my dog getting into the car. It’s easy to install. Great product!

  59. Sabbath 13

    Fits like a glove in my Model Y. Haven’t had a chance to give my dog a ride yet so I can’t comment on easy it is to clean or its durability. But first impressions are very good!

  60. Honest Unbiased Review Guy

    Perfect fit for cargo space that is commonly used to store groceries. I no longer need to worry about spills

  61. RealCAGirl

    Perfect fit in 2022 Y.

  62. Donna

    Easy to clean, durable looking, good coverage and neat! Fit okay too, after weight (books) stacked on it for awhile.

  63. Luisa H.

    Easy to clean and great quality!!!! I’ve bought several items from this company and they are great….

  64. Alex

    Fits well and looks cool.

  65. Marc Berkowitz

    the idea is good, it will protect your interior. Installation is easier if you let it take the shape of the car for a couple of days before applying the stickers.

  66. Captain Ron

    Good value for product, have used twice in my pick up truck for my 100 lb. German Shepherd. He was comfortble for 2 – 100 mile plus trips.

  67. Brian Williams

    Easy to install and remove to clean very durable and helps to control all the dog hair and dirt from taking the dog in the truck

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