Topfit Model 3 Door Sill Protector Covers Carbon Fiber ABS Front and Rear

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  • CUSTOMIZED-The door sill cover is design for Model 3 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022,Fit all Model 3 and protect your wonderful Model 3.
  • MULTIFUNCTION-The door sill protector can protect the door opening or closing,and prevent the hurt from shoes scuffs.Mine is clearly people not lifting their shoes up enough,would makes the car look used and un-kept;Have this door sill you will stay away from these troubles.
  • MATERIAL-These are not vinyl stickers but real PU coated carbon fiber and strong enough to take the knocks and resist scuffs.high quality would be lighter and will not scratch the plastic door of the original car.
  • SHOWS RESULTS-Carbon fiber liners will have a more refined look,More matching with your center console and dash cover.
  • INSTALLATION&REMOVAL-Clean the door sill with water and alcohol,then Line up the corners of the carbon fiber door sill to the door sill on your model 3,put your hand over it to make sure the glue grips firmly.To remove the door sill, take a hair blow dryer or heat gun to the molded carbon fiber door sill.

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1.How long does it take to transport the goods after purchase? Are all orders free shipping?

Due to the storage in the United States, it is delivered by local UPS/USPS, and the time limit is about 3-10 days.

In other countries, the time limit is about 7-40 days.

If you need a faster channel, please contact customer service, we will also charge according to the price provided by the logistics provider.

Topfit provides free shipping service for all orders from the United States. For most other countries/regions, we refer to international logistics freight charges.  

2.Do you provide delivery service in each country/region?

We provide delivery services to countries around the world, but we do not provide delivery services to places where international logistics cannot be delivered, such as some small islands outside the United States. If you place an order, but the area cannot be delivered, our staff will get in touch with you and refund the payment to you.

3.Do I need to pay taxes?

No need. Topfit provides tax-free services to customers.

4.If I purchased the product. Can the product be returned if there is a problem during use?

If there is a problem with the quality of the product, please contact customer service and provide photos or videos, we can send you a new product or refund you.


Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions69.5 × 23 × 10.5 cm

44 reviews for Topfit Model 3 Door Sill Protector Covers Carbon Fiber ABS Front and Rear

  1. Maria

    I was tired of seeing dirt smuge on my door sill and haven’t been able to find a protector that did the job. These carbon fiber protectors are easy to install, are hardshell and protect the right places. The cleanup is easy as well. I just use some water and micro fiber towl. The adhesive seem to be strong (3M).

  2. Ema

    Fits good. Nice additional the model 3. A lot better than the stock black plastic.

  3. Patil

    looks good, has a very finished and refined look. Easy installation process.

  4. David

    It performed well on my 3, it took me 20 minutes to install, but it was really solid.

  5. T.

    I have to say that this is a good product, I really like its appearance.

  6. Recherla

    It looks cool and is good quality.

  7. Tony

    This product is excellent. The application is simple, just take your time and align each pad carefully and slowly. I noticed immediately how the product works. When I stepped out of my car, my shoe hit the pad, not the top of the rocker panel. No scuff on the car, it landed on the pad instead. I heartily endorse this product. It looks good on the car and really works well. The quality appears top notch. The pads are pliable, soft and bendable and easily conform to the place you are apply them. No cutting is necessary.

  8. arie slaa

    Worth it. Not very hard to install.

  9. Tiffany

    I wish I installed this kit right after I got my Model 3.

  10. Alex

    I’ve had my Model 3 for a couple months now and I already see some scratches on the door entry area of the driver side. I installed this kit for a couple of weeks now and there are no new scratches!

  11. Keith Pratz

    This product worked good and they had great customer service!

  12. Sanky

    It fits perfectly, the install was easy and looks good too. My door sills look ‘shiny’ after applying this and protect the sills from any scratches.

  13. Q Tran

    Looks very nice. Makes that area shiny and protects it.

  14. Aashish J

    The product arrived on time. The installation was super easy and hassle-free. Would definitely recommend to my fellow Tesla owners

  15. Rickford

    These are great! Follow the instructions and you’ll be happy, can’t even tell they are on. Love em!

  16. David J Himmel

    So I got a new Tesla Model 3 and wanted to protect the door sills from scratching. This product works great, but it’s not super easy to put on. It took me a while, but I was finally able to get it just right and now my car looks great AND is protected for the future. A great investment!

  17. S. Sinha

    I bought these a couple of months back. Really easy to put on.

  18. Avinash S. Reddy

    Fast service, and a great product. Got mine yesterday and installed it in mins. The product looks great.

  19. goutham

    Gives an awesome look for the car.Very convenient.Easy to install, took less than 10 mins for all sides.Good quality, easy to clean!Highly recommend to buy.

  20. Kenneth E Berry

    Easy to install.

  21. luisdejesus

    Helped cover up scratches on my inner door.

  22. Ricardo Sanchez

    the material the best quality !!

  23. Brian Moreaux

    Good protection for door sill

  24. James

    Haven’t put it on yet. It seems to be good quality.Can’t wait to use to protect my new car.

  25. Kenneth Trichter

    Looks great. Should have had them before to protector my door sills

  26. Damian M

    Protect door sill from black mark scuffs.

  27. Kimberly

    That’s what I want. Looks great.

  28. NJturtlePower

    High Quality & Perfect Fitment for the Model 3 rear door sills.

  29. DanMD

    Really completes the look to the sill on Model 3. Much better appearance and protection for sill. Easy to apply, Easy to position and made very well. Would highly rec.

  30. berlanti

    I have been in the market for some durable sill plates. My previous ones were terrible so I was very particular about finding ones that would be long-lasting. These plates are fantastic! Simple install and fast delivery. Highly recommend!

  31. tranphan

    I am impressed with the quality and design given the price point. Looks like OEM and super easy to install.

  32. Henry Lee

    Matches the original very well, looks fantastic. Stays on well.

  33. D. F. Watt

    Excellent value in door sill protector.

  34. Kyle

    Make these in plain black please! I can’t stand carbon fiber but really need these and nobody really makes them. THANKS!

  35. Court Mejias

    Fits my model 3 2022, it fits very well

  36. Maria

    I was tired of seeing dirt smuge on my door sill and haven’t been able to find a protector that did the job. These carbon fiber protectors are easy to install, are hardshell and protect the right places. The cleanup is easy as well. I just use some water and micro fiber towl. The adhesive seem to be strong (3M).

  37. Mariay

    No more dirt smuge

  38. Crystal Rambo

    Looks great but not adhering in a couple spot. Will see if they settle over time and if not, May pull them back up and replace the tape.

  39. Oskar Morett

    Do like and recommend it!

  40. Dan

    Carbon Fiber – Great Quality

  41. fholam

    Easy to install. Just cleaned with wash cloth and they just slipped in there for a perfect fit. I tried a different version and those didn’t work as well so I returned and bought these.

  42. Chanduwala

    I ordered them to protect the door sills that constantly gets abused by passengers and it does the job well and what I didn’t expect is, it adds great looks. It took me 15 minutes for me to install and installation is fairly easy. I wish they provided installation instructions in the package but a quick YouTube search gave me the instructions.

  43. John Bredesen

    Sized perfectly and easy to install

  44. Gabriel Chavez

    Happy with the purchase. Fits perfectly!

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